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Crossfire Group

"Bank of Birmingham believed in our vision, fueled our growth”

- Marty Rosenau and Deb Schneider, Owners

In just over a decade, CrossFire Group has grown from a staffing company into a full-service human capital solutions provider. Our client base spans across multiple industries and niche markets throughout North America. We help individuals and businesses grow by providing the right employee for the right position, at the right time.

“While that is our mission, we also recognize the importance of reaching out in communities across the continent and globe — providing life-changing education and support to children in challenging situations.

“CrossFire Group sponsors national scholarship programs that have expanded beyond our borders — to Tanzania. ‘TanzaCare,’ our scholarship expansion, supports three schools in Tanzania and has plans to provide wells for clean, safe drinking water.

“Dedicated to education, our leadership conducts presentations teaching entrepreneurship at local high schools, teaches at two area colleges’ campuses, and we jump in any fundraising opportunities we can support, such as Chad Tough and Princess Lacey’s Legacy.

“We chose Bank of Birmingham, based on the qualities we value — integrity, ethics and respect. And like us, they provide opportunity for growth and success. They have enabled us to secure funding for new technology and expansion to offices in Chicago, Houston and Tampa.

“Our Relationship Manager, Michelle DesMarais, is fabulous! We feel that CrossFire Group can venture anywhere, knowing Bank of Birmingham will support our business efforts, which in turn allows us to reach out and support the causes we believe in.