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Changing Financial Institutions? Let us help -

You've made a decision to move one or more of your accounts from your current financial institution to Bank of Birmingham. We are delighted, and intend to provide you with a level of service that will consistently validate your decision. Step one of that service is to help you identify the items that need to be addressed:


  • You and your Banker have identified the type of account(s) that will meet and satisfy your needs.
  • Order your new checks, a Bank of Birmingham Debit Card and . . .
  • Sign up for Online Banking so that you can easily monitor activity in your account(s), print or download your account statements, and ...use Bill Pay and Mobile Banking.
  • Begin using your new account(s) and discontinue using your old account(s) as soon as possible. This will avoid having lingering outstanding checks.
  • Note: Because you are in transition we will waive your minimum balance requirements for the first two statement cycles.


  • Activity – (Utilize our Activity Tracking Form to help):
    • Outstanding Checks – Identify checks that are still outstanding so that you leave sufficient funds in your old account(s) to cover them.
    • Automatic Debits – Identify any monthly/quarterly/periodic debits that you have arranged to be charged to your old account(s). Make a list of the Originator (e.g., Consumers Energy), the frequency, and the (typical) amount. (See additional information, below.)
    • Automatic Credits – Identify any payroll, dividend, retirement, and other credits that you have arranged to be credited to your old account(s). Make a list of the Originator (e.g., Social Security Administration), the frequency, and the (typical) amount. (See additional information, below.)
  • Maintain Sufficient Balances – As mentioned above, it is important that you leave a sufficient balance in the old account(s) to cover any outstanding checks and automatic debits. Also, note any minimum balance required to avoid fees at your old Financial Institution.
  • Closing Fees - It is important to check to see if your current Financial Institution has a closing fee and, if so, when it applies.


Each Originator must be contacted and provided with your new Bank of Birmingham account number and routing number (0724-14226).

Please see sample requests that may be used, although each Originator may require you to complete their change form:

Request to Change Electronic Transaction – Debits
Request to Change Electronic Transaction – Deposits

Who to Contact form provides information on widely used Originators of which may be helpful to you. Originators of debits and credits sometimes have different requirements for changing bank account information. Your Banker will be happy to assist you.


  • Your Bank of Birmingham account(s) are active. You have received your debit card and established online banking.
  • Once all checks have cleared on your old account(s) and all automatic debits and credits are now posting to your new Bank of Birmingham account(s), contact your old financial institution in person or in writing and direct them to close your account(s).

That's it! Thank you for choosing Bank of Birmingham; your business is most appreciated.