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"We interviewed most of the banks in town and found a diamond in the rough."

-Thomas Bloom, President and Managing Partner

The Bank of Birmingham sat down with us and analyzed all of our debt, then put together a consolidation loan that not only paid off all the other loans, but adjusted our monthly cash flow by $35,000. Since then, they have financed the installation of an entire new HVAC system in Birmingham, as well as the purchase of the Toast Ferndale building, The Pierce Street Room and The Black Owl building.

In our search for financial stability, we interviewed a lot of banks. Here's what we love about the Bank of Birmingham: They're old school. They value relationships! When I walk in to the bank, everyone knows my name. They're super friendly, smart, and the bank knows my business. For us, this is an invaluable resource! I call them a diamond in the rough. We have aggressive plans for growth, and we intend to have the Bank of Birmingham as our financial partner every step of the way..